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Collaborative Environment in the Supply Chain Management for Pharmaceutics

--Retail & Logistics-- Supply chain management (SCM) concerns the management of the entire value-added chain, from the supplier to manufacturer right through to the retailer and the final customer. Its primary goals focus on reducing inventory, boosting the transaction speed by exchanging data in real-time. Read more >>

From Four Years of EC Project to

BEinGRID (Business Experiments in GRID) has come to a key transition stage.
The project financed by the European Commission ended on November 30, 2009.
But the achievements are taken forward in
Over four years of project BEinGRID identified clear business needs to be met by Grid technologies. 25 pilots covering industrial sectors such as finance, advanced manufacturing, agriculture, tourism and health, focused on solving real problems using different Grid technology solutions for collaboration, performance and enabling new services.
The project’s applications and innovative solutions are now available on And the results demonstrated there show how businesses may profit from distributed computing -- from Grid to Cloud solutions. 

BEinGRID Case Studies

Read the BEinGRID Case Studies booklet "Approaching the Cloud: Better Business Using Grid Solutions", detailing the 25 successful cases studies using Grid, explaining the solution adopted and highlighting the benefits for clients.
This booklet also includes information about the post-project's perspectives with, the Cloud Momentum story and much more.

BEinGRID Demonstrators and Use Cases

The 25 pilots stand as a reference point for other users.
By highlighting the scenario, solution and result for each one of these cases, developing missing software and releasing best practice guides, the project encourages other end users in a similar situation to investigate the role that Grid technology could have for them. 

Check out the five successful uses of the Grid demonstrated here as real business scenario: 
TravelCRMGrid explains how GridSystems developed a platform for producing Business Intelligence reports for Travel Agency Groups using Grid technology.
RadiotherapyGrid helps hospitals plan the best possible radiotherapy treatment for patients. Grid technology is used to process the treatment data quickly and securely.
Grid Computer Aided Engineering (GridCAE) story describes how ICON, a CAE consultancy company, enhanced and extended its client offering by using  the Grid to access remote compute resources.
Grid for Architects explains how CETIC built a portal offering on-demand Grid rendering services, providing substantial cost savings to their clients.
AMONG creates a system to allow banking organizations to cooperate in order to improve their Anti-Money Laundering (AML) mechanisms. The system will use Grid technologies to enable secure and managed communication between banks.

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Go through the different sections of our website and learn more on how this challenging project established effective routes to foster the adoption of Grid technologies across the EU and to stimulate research into innovative business models.
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BEinGRID Events

  • Successful BEinGRID End of Project Event at the ICSOC/ServiceWave Conference on Nov. 24-26 in Stockholm, Sweden

BEinGRID Highlights

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  • "Approaching the Cloud: Better Business Using Grid Solutions" - 25 Successful Case Studies from BEinGRID