BEinGRID - Business Experiments in Grid: Business Experiments

Business Experiments - Grid Solutions

A Business Experiment is a real Grid pilot application that addresses a concrete business case and in which the main actors of the economic sector are represented: end-user, service provider, Grid service integrator.

A first wave of 18 Business Experiments was started at the project begining and exposed its results at the BEinGRID Industry Days.
A second wave of 7 Business Experiments was started early 2007. 

The results are summarised in two booklets the BEinGRID Case Studies. Some demonstrator packages give more detailed insight about the use of this technology.

The following pages give more details about the Business Experiments, classified from different perspectives, for easier comparison. The 25 BEinGRID Business Experiments can be classified by: industrial sectors, grid middleware, business model, technical solutions


    The Business Experiments are covering a set of representative industrial sectors that address concrete business cases and in which the main actors of the economic sector are represented.


    The Business Experiments are using different Grid foundation middlewares, evaluating their suitability for solving specific real-world problems.


    The BEinGRID project addresses a wide range of different types of Grids in the Business Experiments, and the related business models have been identified and analysed.


    The clusters collaborate with the Business Experiments from different technical points of view. They collect requirements, provide consultancy services and analyse the impact of the solutions.