BEinGRID - Business Experiments in Grid: Grid for Architects - Live Demo

Grid for Architects - Live Demo and Presentation

The live demo consists of a presentation and a technical demonstration. These are described below:

The Presentation

The presentation is a set of slides that any member of the BEinGRID consortium could present to an industry group. It is accompanied by a set of notes to guide the presenter while preparing to give the presentation. The presentation covers the same content as the keystory document, but also includes a technical demo of the portal.

The Technical Demonstration

The technical demonstration can either be run live from a web browser, or shown as a video of a live run when this is not possible, e.g. if there is no network.

Screenshot of the Grid for Atchitects portal

The Live Demo User Guide, which is included in the distribution, explains how to access and use the Grid for Architects portal.

The live demo runs a rendering job on a compute cluster at CETIC. CETIC have kindly agreed to allow demo presenters access to this resource for the duration of the project. Users must first register for access to the portal by e-mailing CETIC with the subject line "Grid for Architects Portal Access". Please also provide a few details about the event at which Grid for Architects will be demonstrated.

Technical Requirements

The requirements to run the live demonstration are:

  • Internet connection (10Mbps recommended for uploading dataset).
  • Web browser (tested with Mozilla Firefox 2, Opera 8 & 9 and Internet Explorer 7).
  • Credentials for the Grid for Architects portal (e-mail CETIC as described above)

You will also need an image viewer that can handle TGA files to display the completed rendering. For Windows, we recommend you use one of the following:

For Linux and Unix systems we recommend you use:


All content available for download below is distributed under a creative commons licence.