BEinGRID - Business Experiments in Grid: GridCAE - Introduction

GridCAE - Introduction

The GridCAE demo is based on the key story which explains the business benefits of using the Grid and a technical demonstration of how Grid technology was employed. Both a presentation including a technical demonstration and rolling video demos are available.

The presentation is composed of the following sections:

  • Background
  • Technical Overview
  • Demonstration
  • Business Case
  • Conclusion

These sections are stand-alone and can be customised for the expected audience. The demonstration can be given live, or a pre-recorded video can be used. The live version requires some software to be installed plus an internet connection and web browser.

The video demos are stand-alone videos covering the business case, technical details and an annotated run-through of the technical demonstration. They are designed to be left running unattended so that they can be shown at booths during conferences or other events.

Airflow in passenger plane Audi car duct flow image

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations performed by Icon for Airbus (left) and Audi (right).
Copyright © Icon Technology & Process Consulting Ltd. Airbus S.A. Audi AG
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The GridCAE Demo would not have been possible without:

  • the ESTECO offer of a free modeFRONTIER licence for the duration of the BEinGRID project;
  • The NTUA offer of a cluster for the live demo to run for the duration of the BEinGRID project;
  • and the CD-adapco offer of free Star CCM+ licences.