BEinGRID - Business Experiments in Grid: Grid in Europe

The growing importance and potential of Grid computing - and the EU's commitment to this area - is underlined by the fact that Grids for Complex Problem Solving has been chosen as one of the 'Strategic Objectives' of Information Society Technologies (IST), one of the EU's 'Thematic Priorities' under the specific programme 'Integrating and Strengthening the European Research Area (ERA) of FP6.
BEinGRID is the European Union's integrated project funded by the IST research.

The BEinGRID project was officially launched on 19 September 2006 by the European Commission.

Software and service technologies are increasingly important to the European economy and society. They are found everywhere, from familiar personal devices to computers, mobile phones, mp3 players and to the systems used to control telecommunications, energy and financial networks.
The software and services sector plays a key role in the information society. Its greatest economic impact is a powerful enabler for many of Europe's key industries, such as mobile telephony, retailing, the automotive and aircraft industries, and financial services.
Software and services are critical to product innovation and economic growth. They control vital aspects of our daily lives. The ability to produce software and deliver services in an efficient way is a fundamental capability that Europe should reinforce.
In research Framework Programme 7 the European Commission will provide substantial funding for research into 'Service and Software Architectures, Infrastructures and Engineering'. This Objective integrates research activities in the areas of services, software, grid and virtualisation technologies. The Objective reflects the research needs which have been presented to the Commission during a wide consultation process involving industry, academia, and many other organisations.
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