BEinGRID - Business Experiments in Grid: BEinGRID Objective

The main objective of the Business Experiments in Grid (BEinGRID) project, which has recently been selected for funding by the European Commission’s Grid Technologies F2 Unit, is to foster the adoption of the so-called Next Generation Grid technologies by the realization of several business experiments and the creation of a toolset repository of Grid middleware upper layers.
BEinGRID undertakes 25 targeted business experiment pilots designed to implement and deploy Grid solutions in a broad spectrum of European business sectors (entertainment, financial, industrial, chemistry, gaming, retail, textile, etc).
Eighteen business experiments were conducted in the initial stage of the project with a second wave of seven new business experiments which started in May 2008. Secondly, a toolset repository of Grid service components and best practise has been created to support European businesses that wish to take-up the Grid. To minimise redevelopment of components, BEinGRID deploys innovative Grid solutions using existing Grid components from across the European Union and beyond.

Type of project:           Integrated Project
Project co-ordinator:   Santi Ristol,
ATOS Origin
Project start date:       June 1, 2006
Duration:                      42 months
EU contribution:           15.7 M euros