BEinGRID - Business Experiments in Grid: RadiotherapyGrid - Live Demo and Presentation

RadiotherapyGrid - Live Demo and Presentation

The live demo consists of a presentation including a technical demonstration. The presentation is broken up into several sections. Presenters may tailor the presentation to their audience by electing to only show certain sections (for example, the business section may be skipped when presenting to a technical audience). There is also a stand-alone executive summary, which can be given in situations where there is not enough time to perform the full presentation.

The presentations are in Powerpoint format and include a script in the notes to help guide the presenter. The presentations cover the same material as the key story document which should be read for background knowledge before presenting.

All content available for download is distributed under a creative commons licence.

The various sections are described in more detail below.

Example slide from the RadiotherapyGrid presentation
Example slide from the RadiotherapyGrid presentation


The presentation should begin with this section which presents the background and motivation for RadiotherapyGrid.

Technical Overview

This part of the presentation includes technical details on RadiotherapyGrid, covering the use of Grid technology and A1 components, such as GridWay, the PDP, PEP and the SLA Negotiator.

If the presentation is being given to a business or non-technical audience, you may want to consider skipping this section.


The demonstration can either be given live using a web browser or a pre-recorded video can be shown.

The Live Demo User Guide, which is included in the distribution, explains how to access and use the RadiotherapyGrid portal.

The portal used in the demo is hosted by CESGA. CESGA have kindly agreed to allow demo presenters access to this resource for the duration of the project. Users must first register for access to the portal by e-mailing the demos team with the subject line "RadiotherapyGrid Portal Access". Please also provide a few details about the event at which RadiotherapyGrid will be demonstrated. Make sure you register in plenty of time prior to the event, or the resources may not be available!

Some of the files in the bundle use 7z compression. Use the 7zip program to decompress them.

Technical Requirements

Internet connection LAN / 10 Mbps capable of uploading ~ 50 Mb of treatment files
Web browser Tested with Mozilla Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 6, other browsers should work
  Java plugin >= 1.5.0
  Flash 7.0 or greater
SSH Terminal Such as Putty


The business section contains describes the business case for RadiotherapyGrid, including an analysis of possible competitors and details on the sales model.

If the presentation is being given to a technical audience uninterested in business details, you may want to consider skipping this section.


A very brief summary of the presentation and benefits of RadiotherapyGrid.

Executive Summary

This is a standalone presentation intended to be given when there isn't enough time for full the presentation.

It briefly introduces RadiotherapyGrid and has slides on both technical and business aspects.