BEinGRID - Business Experiments in Grid: What is BEinGRID

Grid technology is at a critical transition as it moves from research and academic use to wider adoption by business and enterprise. The use of Grid technology brings many benefits such as the optimisation of IT resources and increased business flexibility with consequent reductions in overall cost and risk for end-users. Grid enables large complex systems to be utilised effectively, allows the sharing of networked resources and also supports new business processes across distributed administrative domains.
The lack of business reference cases to persuade potential users to explore the business benefits of this important new technology is leading to weak commercial exploitation of Grid solutions across the EU. Increased general deployment of Grid technologies into the market will strengthen the EU´s competitiveness and leadership in this key area.

The project’s wide variety of business experiments will expose a set of successful and innovative business models to demonstrate to potential early adopters the opportunities and benefits afforded through the use of this leading edge technology. To minimise redevelopment of software components, BEinGRID will deploy innovative Grid solutions using existing Grid components from across the European Union and beyond. The partnership in each business experiment pilots cuts across the full value chain of the targeted economic sector; from technology providers to different levels of users. Involvement of end users and service providers in the vertical pilots is considered crucial in order to derive successful case studies that support the transition of Grid technologies from an academic context to widespread enterprise adoption by building on the success of the early adopters of Grid solutions.

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